Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sun Smells the Coffee

[I know, it's been a long time...]
As a friend of mine pointed out, Jonathan Schwartz has announced that Sun Microsystems is retiring its SUNW stock symbol and replacing it with JAVA.

While some might think this is a silly move, I'm looking at it as a pretty shrewd one. Why? it is a great way for Sun to reinforce its Java brand. Think about it. Every news article will look something like:

Sun Microsystems (symbol: JAVA) announced today...

This kind of thing can be problematic for companies. A decade and a half ago there was this company making Macintosh computers, yet people didn't associate them with Apple.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject: I have not always been a fan of Sun technology. However, my opinion has changed, as both ZFS and DTrace look really, really cool...


Blogger markm said...

Another aspect I hadn't thought of (but now that you mention the Apple / Macintosh awareness problem) is that Sun has always been thought of as a hardware company.

But it hasn't been "just hardware" for a long while now. Maybe switching to JAVA is partly an attempt to say "we do software too".

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