Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Since voting is once again upon us, I'd like to reminisce about a previous election.

Way back when, Jack Ryan wanted to be a United States Senator. Then there was some kind of sex scandal, and he bowed out. The Illinois Republican Party, in its infinite wisdom, couldn't find any other worthy candidates in the entire state of Illinois, and decided to import Alan Keyes. Um, what were they thinking?!?

Now, I believe that Jack Ryan had a chance. He had a good chance. Why? Well, they forgot to take into account one thing: the Star Trek Male Nerd Vote, or the STMNV for short.

Let's take a look at the facts:

  1. He was married to Jeri Ryan, who played Six^H^H^HSeven of Nine in Star Trek Voyager. This is every STMN's fantasy.

  2. He divorced Jeri Ryan. This gives every STMN hope.

  3. A kinky sex scandal? Kinky? Sheesh, it didn't even involve tribbles.

Then again, given the stigma that George Ryan gave to his surname in Illinois, I'm not even sure that Irene Ryan, if she were still alive, could be elected here.


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