Monday, March 29, 2010

What do I think the iPad is/is not all about

  • It isn't a replacement for your Mac or PC. If you think it is, you'll be sadly disappointed. You still need a computer.
  • It is a replacement for 90% of the things 90% of the people do with computers. It will be a better, happy experience doing those things.
  • Apple is trying to create a new market, not destroy their current (lucrative) laptop market. While this might eat into sales of MacBook Airs and low end MacBooks, I see it cutting much more into the low end PC notebooks and netbooks. Ultimately, this will grow their overall sales.
  • It is a Kindle killer. While the Kindle arguably has a better display for a book reader, there aren't that many people out there who just want to read books.
  • Leg up on Android, RIM, Nokia, Microsoft and Palm. Apple gets to leverage iPhone apps, plus developers get access to two markets, one of which is already huge. The rest will be playing catch up for years to come.
  • Not so great for any software developers in the long term. Apple set the price point at $9.99 for each of the iWork apps. Other than very specific niches, how can other developers charge more? That includes Mac/PC developers and developers for other mobile platforms. A few will make a good living at it, but ultimately, it is bad for the masses of software developers.
  • What about camera, multitasking, Flash, etc. Most just won't care. If you are a developer with a Flash only web site, you are already locking out the 42 million iPhone users; how many developers can really afford that?
One more thing...

I want one. :-)