Friday, June 06, 2008

Windows Safari

At WWDC 2007, Apple introduced Safari on Windows.  I assumed it was for doing that Sweet iPhone development of web applications.

Fast forward a year.  Apple has shipped an SDK for iPhone.  Apple plans on making money on every for-profit app developed with the SDK.  Apple makes no money on free apps or web apps.

So, what the heck is Windows Safari really for?  Given that runs on a different OS which Apple doesn't own, it is probably the most expensive platform to port it to (compared with, say, iPhone).  Apple doesn't normally just give things away.  What is their secret plan?



Blogger Ken Aird said...

That's easy. When there are 10 times as many people browsing the Internet on iPhones as on PC's, Safari will replace Internet Explorer as the dominant user interface. But that won't happen if 10% of web users are still running IE on their Windoze PC's, because that is still a big enough installed base to motivate backward compatibility by web site designers. If Safari runs on everything, web sites will only have to target Safari.

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