Monday, June 09, 2008

Friends and Family

Hmmm... since the (essence of the) Master is still alive, and the Doctor's daughter is still alive, wouldn't it be an interesting story if the Master convinced Jenny to join him in a crusade that (unwittedly to her) pits them against the Doctor?

Hey, I'm just saying (and if someone from the BBC does run with it, I'll give you the rights in exchange for being present during filming :-))...


Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Unknown Cylon

Okay, it probably isn't Dirk Benedict. :-)

My thoughts (before Revelations is aired, of course) are that it has to be

[drum roll]

Bill Adama.

Here is my line of reasoning:  in order to escape detection, the "final five" could not afford to be duplicated within the fleet.  Yet to survive, they all had to be associated with Galactica.  Only with Adama running the ship was there a reasonably good chance it would succeed.

Plus, it leaves a great unanswered question about Lee going into the mid-season finale.


Friday, June 06, 2008

Windows Safari

At WWDC 2007, Apple introduced Safari on Windows.  I assumed it was for doing that Sweet iPhone development of web applications.

Fast forward a year.  Apple has shipped an SDK for iPhone.  Apple plans on making money on every for-profit app developed with the SDK.  Apple makes no money on free apps or web apps.

So, what the heck is Windows Safari really for?  Given that runs on a different OS which Apple doesn't own, it is probably the most expensive platform to port it to (compared with, say, iPhone).  Apple doesn't normally just give things away.  What is their secret plan?