Friday, November 02, 2007

Calvin's is Back!

After a seventeen year hiatus (hey, that's how long it's been since I've lived in the Bay Area. Coincidence?), Calvin's Cheesesteaks is coming back! Read about it in the Merc.

I really, really wish I was living back in the Bay Area. I remember Calvin's quite fondly. I always stopped off just before catching a flight somewhere.

Besides the food, there was always the "find his next location" game, as he would close up w/o a word and move somewhere else. In my group of friends, I'm happy to say that I'm the one who accidentally found the Willow Glen location (I happened to be lost [er uh I mean exploring new road rallye territory].

So, when you make it over there, get me a Mushroom Pepper Steak Hoagie (I know better than to say "with everything"), or at least send me an XXL shirt (a poor substitute).


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